New York City 2003


Welcome in New York!

Lower East Side


Ground Zero

Central Park

American Museum of Natural History

Times Square

NYC at night!

Other NYC pictures

manhattan bridge

ground zero
nyc at night

The travel in New York took place in February 2003 for one week. Was my second visit in New York, 12 years later. Everything has changed and nothing has changed except for the twin towers/ground zero. More american flags maybe. New York is still New York. A vibrant huge city where everything is possible. As it is not possible to visit the whole city even in a lifetime, enjoyed Central Park under the snow, the power of lights in Time Square, the different Lower East Side, the refreshing Chinatown and the trendy Soho.
These NYC pictures describe the city better than words. Let's have a look!

BeautifulMonde, March 2005

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