Ecuador 2002




Tungurahua volcano

Amazonian jungle

The story of the catfish

Parrots in the jungle

Riobamba / Allausi Train

Puerto Lopez



tungurahua volcano


parrot ecuador

The travel in Ecuador took place in October 2002 for three weeks. Ecuador was visited clockwise using local buses (car, indian canoe, train and bike were also used). Starting first in the Andes mountains and Ecuadorian volcanos with Quito and Banos. Quito is too big to make an impression except that the city is high. Banos is an active touristic small city. From there, did a fantastic jungle trail for three days in the Amazonia (RainForrestTour in Banos). Ride the gringo train from Riobamba to Allausi. Finish in Puerto Lopez, a glimpse of far west on the pacific.
The pictures describe the country better than words. Let's have a look!

Beautifulmonde, March 2005

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